Monthly Archives: February 2015

Dr. Karen Paullet Weighs in on Anthem Data Breach

Dr. Karen Paullet spoke with KDKA news today regarding the recent data breach at Anthem, an Indianapolis-based Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance company.  See the interview here in case you missed it on tonight’s newscast:

Video:  Health Insurers, Hospitals Vulnerable to Cyber Attack, Say Experts

UPMC Recruiting M Programmers at Spring Career Fair

UPMC will be attending RMU’s Spring Career Fair on April 7, 2015.  They are specifically interested in MUMPS programmers.  MUMPS (Massachusetts General Hospital Utility Multi-Programming System), alternatively called M, is a general-purpose programming language for transaction processing that was originally designed for the healthcare industry and continues to be used in many large hospitals today.

At RMU, M programming is taught in the following courses:

  • INFS2140 M Programming
  • INFS3141 Advanced M & Cache

If you have experience in M or have taken the courses above, you should make a point to attend the Spring Career Fair in April!