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New Products Inviting Hackers to Get More of Your Information

In the beginning of February, the Top Secret Colonial officers hacked into a Furby Connect. Furby Connect is a children’s toy that is now on sale. These new Furbies have a new feature that has Bluetooth connection. While it seems like a cool new product it is product along with many other children’s toys and new appliances that are putting your personal life into danger.

Most people do not realize that having that having all these products hooked up to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection is giving anyone access basically into your home. While these new children’s toys may be convenient and easy to keep your child entertained. They keep all this information stored every time it is being used. Hackers can end up getting your mailing address, e-mail, internet history, your birthday and even the child’s birth date, video recordings and pictures of the child or anything else. It is kind of like giving your child a camera that is on record the whole time and tracks everything you do. It is just like your cell phones, they recommend wiping your whole phone once you are done with it. It is definitely something to think about while you are connecting any devices up to unsecured networks.

UPMC Presentation – a TSC sponsored Event

The Top Secret Colonials will be sponsoring a presentation by UPMC which will be held on Wednesday, March 1st from 4:30 – 5:30 pm in the Wheatley Atrium. UPMC will be presenting on security awareness; they will talk about how to handle one of the largest in-house security teams in Pittsburgh. The presenters will discuss the various teams that make up the information security group and the different skill sets they look for in employees. UPMC will also discuss the different software and hardware tools that it uses to keep the organization protected.

There will be three presenters from UPMC at this event:

  • Darrin Henderson – Senior Manager of Network Security and F5 Application Delivery at UPMC. Darrin has over ten years of IT experience, with degrees from Pittsburgh Technical Institute, Robert Morris University, and Capitol College.
  • CJ Gerardi – Intermediate Information Security Analyst for the Security Operations Center at UPMC. CJ has worked with UPMC for three years and is a graduate of Robert Morris University.
  • Greg Kassimer – Director of Security for the Information Services division at UPMC. Greg has over eighteen years of experience in healthcare IT and is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh.

A member of the HR team will also be present to answer questions about internships and full-time opportunities with UPMC.

Students will receive SET credit for attending this event, and pizza will be provided. For more information about this event, contact Dr. Paullet at

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Top Secret Colonials Buffalo Wild Wings Event

On Tuesday, February 28th, the Top Secret Colonials will be sponsoring a Buffalo Wild Wings night. From 4:00 pm to close, Buffalo Wild Wings will donate 10% of their net sales to the Top Secret Colonials; all you have to do is show them the flyer and ticket (attached below). Buffalo Wild Wings is located 480 Home Drive in Robinson. For more information, see the flyer below.



“The Job-Not Just a Job” Resume Writing Tips from the Recruiters

On Wednesday, February 22nd, the Top Secret Colonials will be sponsoring a Resume Writing Tips event with speaker David Tyburski from S2scout. David will discuss what is needed in a resume to find the perfect job. The event will take place from 4:30 to 5:30 pm in the Wheatley Atrium.

David Tyburski is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran and RMU graduate. He worked in the I.T. field for over a decade before he created S2scout. He leads a team of seasoned recruiters (called “Scouts”) who are dedicated to helping clients and candidates find the right opportunity as soon as possible.

Students will receive SET credit for attending this event. Refreshments will be available. For more information about the event, contact Dr. Paullet at For more information about S2scout, click here.

Below is the description and outline of the presentation by David Tyburski:

The intent of this presentation is to educate students about finding “the job,” not just “a job.”  I hope to do so by sharing my knowledge and some of the “good, bad and the ugly” experiences I’ve had during my tenure in the staffing industry.

  • The Job Search…minus the b.s.
    • Social Media:  Your “perfect job” assassin.
    • The REAL Resume
    • The squeaky wheel gets the….J-O-B.
  • Do this.  Don’t do that.
    • Zero!!!
    • Pulp non-Fiction
    • Networking:  Rinse and Repeat.
  • When in doubt…Pearl Jam
    • Go
    • Unthought Known
    • Elderly Woman Behind a Counter in a Small Town
    • Once
    • Mind Your Manners
    • Hard To Imagine
    • Rearviewmirror
    • I Am Mine

TSC Chipotle Fundraiser

The Top Secret Colonials will be having a fundraiser at the Chipotle at 310 McHolme Drive in Pittsburgh (Robinson) on Monday, February 13th. The fundraiser will take place between 4pm and 9pm. All you have to do is either bring the flyer, show it on your smartphone, or tell the cashier that you’re supporting the Top Secret Colonials. 50% of the proceeds will go to Top Secret Colonials. The flyer is linked below with more information.

TSC Chipotle Fundraiser Flyer

Securing What You Don’t Own or Control – The Current State of WiFi-Security

On Thursday, February 9th, there will be a presentation entitled “Securing What You Don’t Own or Control – The Current State of WiFi-Security,” by Rick Farina. Farina will talk about how to protect data and systems from the expanding WiFi threat landscape. The presentation will take place from 4:30pm to 5:30pm in the Wheatley Atrium. This is a Top Secret Colonials sponsored event.

Rick Farina is a well-known wireless expert who has spoken at a variety of security conferences, including DEFCON (which is one of the world’s largest annual hacker conventions). Farina runs a Wireless Capture the Flag contest at several conventions throughout the country. Farina is the director of Research and Development at the company Pwnie Express. He is responsible for researching, developing, and marketing leading wireless and IoT (Internet of Things) security products. Farina’s expertise is in wireless security and wireless hacking.

Refreshments will be available at this event. Students will receive SET credit for attending. For more information about the event, contact Dr. Paullet at

For more information about Pwine Express and Rick Farina, click the links below:

Pwine Express Official Website

Rick Farina’s LinkedIn Profile

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