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Seeking Students Interested in Building a Social Media Site

A student innovation group, Enactus RMU, is looking for people interested in developing a social media webpage that will allow students to create a network for studying collaboratively.  This project will cover the entire development lifecycle: from requirements definition, to deployment and maintenance.  Developers will be able to work at their own pace using online collaborative tools. They are looking for anyone who is interested and willing to learn however ideal candidates will have some of the following skills:

1) All developers should have knowledge of the agile development method, knowledge of software documentation best practices, and a willingness to thoroughly document all code.

2) Developers who wish to work on the webpage design should be familiar with web design best practices,  and have knowledge of HTML 5, JavaScript, and CSS.

3) Developers who wish to work on the servers should know how to work with Ubuntu Linux (or any Debian based Linux distribution), have skills in JAVA programming, knowledge of MySQL, be familiar with the TCP/IP model, and have an understanding of distributed file system concepts.

Anyone interested should contact Michael Arturo at mdast12@mail.rmu.edu

Law & Order: How Your Conduct Can Affect Your Career

Have you ever wondered how your future is affected by your past conduct? This program will help to make it more clear how directly your professional image is related to your college career. Many topics including social media posts, on-campus offenses, past due bills and others will be discussed at this event tailored to students who are entering the work force any time in the future.

TODAY!  –  Thursday, November 20th

4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Sewall Center- Dining Room C

How To Register:

SIGN UP on the EVENTS tab of COLONIALTRAK (preferred).

If you are having difficulty signing up on ColonialTRAK, email careers@rmu.edu with your name, email and major.

Event Agenda & Details:

Welcome & Introduction

Legal Issues

  • Renee Cavalovitch, Vice President and General Counsel for RMU, will provide an overview of legal issues related to background checks and employment screening. She will also discuss disclosures required in connection with the law school application process and the “character and fitness” examination required for admission to the state bar.
  • Ralston Jackson, Partner at Odermatt & Jackson, will share insights about dealing with the criminal justice system. Specifically, he will address Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) and expungements.

Student Conduct Records

  • Maureen Keefer, Assistant Dean of Students at RMU, will discuss who typically requests to view student conduct records and under what circumstances they are shared.

Panel: Employers & Faculty Representatives

The panel will discuss screening methods used by their company/organization/field, including:

  • Background checks (driving records and criminal)
  • Drug and alcohol tests
  • Credit history reports
  • Investigative consumer reports and
  • Employment verification practice
  • Internet and social media searches


  • Christine Bilunka – Branch Chief- Suitability Adjudications, Office of Personnel Management- Federal Investigative Services
  • Mike Cunningham – District Manager-Pittsburgh, Fastenal
  • Richard G. Fuller, D.Ed. – Department Head, Education
  • David Gass – HR Representative, FedEx Ground
  • Susan Patterson – SVP Regional Manager- Ohio Valley, PNC
  • Celine Stanasolovich – Director of Accounting & Human Resources, Legend Financial Advisors, Inc.


Students will be given the opportunity to submit written questions confidentially. The moderator will then direct the questions to the panel.