This blog is designed to help connect current students, faculty, and alumni who are part of the RMU Computer Information Systems family.

Dr. Jamie Pinchot

Professor of Computer and Information Systems

Currently looking for student volunteers!

Call for Contributors
The CIS faculty and students who publish this blog are seeking ways to make it more useful and interesting for students. We welcome content from current students, faculty, and alumni. If you are interested in posting on the blog on either a one-time or recurring basis, please email the editor, Dr. Jamie Pinchot, at pinchot@rmu.edu for more information.  Undergraduate students who become part of the blog writing staff are eligible to receive SET credit for this activity.

This blog is officially sponsored and supported by the RMU CIS Department:

Dr. Peter Wu
Department Head, Computer and Information Systems
Professor of Computer and Information Systems

Dr. Frank Hartle
Interim Dean, School of Informatics, Humanities and Social Sciences

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