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Opening for a Mobile Engineering Intern in San Mateo, California

JobsIn Tech is currently hiring a Mobile Engineering Intern for an immediate start date. The company is looking for an applicant who fulfills the following criteria:

-Passion for mobile devices and the iOS or Android platform.
-For iOS: familiarity with Objective­C and Cocoa.
-For Android: familiarity with Java and Android.
-Interested in all things from visual and interaction design to building sleek UIs, working on back­end/API integrations, Bluetooth communications and everything else that will enable a world­ class experience for Tile users.

In order to be considered for the internship, the applicant must also be pursuing at least a BS in a Computer Science related field. They also require strong programming fundamentals and excellent written and verbal communications.

The company fosters a cooperative business environment, complete with loads of teamwork, team lunches, and company wide events. Onsite gym access is also a plus mentioned in the posting!

Interested candidates can apply on ColonialTRAK:



Good luck!

iOS Development Internship at AppTurbo

AppTurbo is hiring the following position: iOS Developer (H/F)

AppTurbo is a leading app discovery application that provides a unique mobile marketing service, promoting a free application every day to its community of 35 million users located in over 30 countries.

Among the IT team, you will work on our iOS mobile development with the lead developer and the product owner.

Technical Skills :
· Swift
· Objective-C
· iOS 8, 9

Interpersonal Skills :
Appreciate good design and have an eye for details
Really love mobile devices and digging into the platform

Nice to have :
· Self-starter who embraces new technologies
· Have done a mobile project in your spare time
· If you have a GitHub account, please include it in your application

Additional information:
Beginning: ASAP
This internship will last 6 months

To apply, please visit: http://www.jobsintech.io/jobs/ios-developer-h-f-appturbo

Apple App Store Suffers First Malware Infiltration

I would like to start today’s post with a question to my fellow iPhone-owning students, faculty and staff. How many apps do you have installed on your device? For comparison’s sake, I’ll limit this example to just iPhones. At the time of this post I counted 47 installed on my own device. Now that you have that number for your own device, stop and ask yourself, how many of these apps do I know were written and published using trusted code sets and verified publishers? Would I have installed these apps if I knew that they were not trusted and potentially malicious?

In order to thwart the publication of malicious apps Apple, Inc. has developed stringent policies and review processes around application development for their OS X and iOS platforms. To complement these processes, developers are required to use a specific software development package called Xcode.

Earlier this week Apple News announced that it had found that an unprecedented number of apps had made it past the review process and were published to the App Store, subsequently downloaded. To put this in perspective, “Prior to this attack, a total of just 5 malicious apps had ever been found in the App Store, according to cyber security firm Palo Alto Networks, Inc.”, says Jim Finkle from Reuters.  To be more precise, 344 apps have been discovered by Chinese security firm Qihoo360 Technology Co. to be potentially affected by this attack.

This begs the question, how could this have happened? How could an organization with such strict requirements on app development inadvertently release apps infected with malicious code? The answer to this question lies with the software that we discussed earlier. Essentially a malicious copy of Xcode was created, also known as XcodeGhost. This framework almost identically mimics Xcode, with the exception that it can be modified to contain malicious code. While this may appear to be a rather simple concept the underlying logic of XcodeGhost is far more complex, a discussion which deserves its own white paper.

The fundamental issue with XcodeGhost is that it could potentially be used by legitimate app developers without their knowledge. Therefore we can assume that legitimate applications that leverage this malicious framework could be susceptible to SQL injection, XSS, or other client-based security flaws that could result in data leakage from a mobile device. Considering the types of apps that are available for banking, location tracking and social media, the problem of data leakage poses a very large and very real problem.

With that in mind, I think back to the 47 apps I have installed on my iPhone and wonder which apps I have installed that could potentially be vulnerable. Should there be a more strict verification process for app development that evaluates even the underlying development software that is being used? While we could leverage peer review methods or even the use of trusted certificates to avoid these situations we may continue to see these types of threats at a high frequency in the very near future. What do you think? Any discussion is welcome in the comments on how an organization might be able to avoid these situations.


All new RMU Mobile app!


RMU Mobile is the all-new mobile app for Robert Morris University.

RMU Mobile brings together all of the essential campus components of Robert Morris University into one app. From viewing today’s schedule, to calling a campus office, RMU mobile can do all that. Current students have access to several Sentry Secured Services features, such as Grades and My Schedule. Prospective students can view the Campus Map and learn more about our campus.

My Schedule

In the My Schedule feature – students can view what’s on the agenda for the day and also view the semester schedule.



All the important campus numbers are available in Phonebook feature. Students can just simply tap and call any of the listed offices.

Campus Map

Campus Map feature gives ability to take a “virtual” tour of the RMU Moon Campus and see where all the residence halls, classroom buildings, and various facilities are located.

About RMU

About RMU feature provides detailed and insightful information about the university.


The Directory feature allows you to search all RMU Faculty & Staff members and get their contact information.


Students are available to log in with Sentry Secured Services account to view all interim and final grades (once they’re posted), as well as the Academic Calendar and Checksheet.

The app was also recently updated with a live shuttle schedule.  Type in your location and the app will tell you how soon the next RMU shuttle will be there!









RMU Mobile is available for both IOS and Android platforms and is dedicated to providing the best experience on the mobile device.

You can also follow RMU Mobile Twitter account @RMUMobile – when new updates are available – you will be informed.