Cybergenetics – Computer Programmer Position

Cybergenetics is a local biotechnology company with offices located in Oakland.  They mainly do work with DNA evidence in forensics.

Job Description:  

Cybergenetics is seeking a computer programmer with 2-4 years of experience.  They will be helping to maintain biotechnology software products, with a possibility that some development may be needed.  The programmer will help to maintain existing MATLAB software that includes a relational database with a graphical user interface.

Job Requirements:

Seeking candidates that have good quantitative skills, an interest in scientific applications, and experience in analyzing real data. They should be able to work well independently and in groups. An MA or MS degree in a science or engineering field is preferred.  Experience in Macintosh, Windows, and UNIX operating systems, MATLAB, Java, and SQL programming languages, and some familiarity with computer science, databases, user interface development, and the software life cycle.

Visit the Cybergenetics Website(  for more information, and emailresumes to

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