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Top Secret Colonials October Update

I hope all is well with everyone as we continue to move deeper into the semester.  Here are just a few updates with the club.

Everyone please remember to drop off jars of peanut butter and jelly in order to help the us give back.  Drop-off boxes are located near the admissions office, in Romo’s, and right outside of Dr. Paullet’s office.

In addition, the Top Secret Colonials are going to be hosting a 12-Hour Gaming Charity Marathon sometime in October.  The details on when and where are still being worked out, so be aware of updates happening soon.  If you are interested, please email jtwst256@mail.rmu.edu.

Also, please be aware of the cyber security awareness tips being posted throughout the month.  Continue to email ideas as you think of them.

Last, if you missed any of the meetings regarding the D.C. National Security Seminar Trip and you’re interested in going, please schedule a meeting with Dr. Paullet.

Thanks, and enjoy the rest of Cyber Security Awareness Month!