IBM Master the Mainframe Contest 2014

This fall semester of 2014, IBM is encouraging all students from universities, and high schools to come join in their Master the Mainframe Contest. You might be thinking, well why would I sign up for that when I have no mainframe experience?  No experience is exactly what IBM is looking for; all they want driven students who want to learn and have a good time.  Registration opens on September 23 to December 31. The contest begins on October 6, and will continue to December 31 of 2014. There is still time to participate! If you’re not a computer geek looking to gain some experience and a possible career opportunity, there are also these prizes IBM is offering to its contestants:


  • Master the Mainframe Custom T-Shirts
  • IBM Swag Prize Packs
  • Google Nexus Tablets
  • All Expenses Paid Trip To Poughkeepsie, NY
  • And More!!!!

There are three parts to this contest. First is Breaking the Ice, then Practical Experience, and Finally Real-life Case-based Experience. If there are some more questions you have about this contest; details can be found here:

Remember NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED. Come have fun with other students from around the world, learn about mainframes, and WIN PRIZES!

Register at:

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