KeyMe App Coming to Pittsburgh Next Year

A new app has recently been developed and it will be coming to the Pittsburgh area early next year. The KeyMe app is a new way for people to create copies of their keys. The process starts by downloading the app and then taking a picture of your key. The app then processes a digital model for printing. The user can then go to a kiosk at stores like Rite Aid, 7-Eleven and Bed Bath & Beyond, enter in their password, and print the new key. The process to print is estimated to take around 30 seconds so it is a very convenient process.

This app is a great idea to some but a disaster waiting to happen to others. The reasoning behind why some people find this app dangerous is because of the apparent security issue. Theoretically, someone would need just a picture of your key and then be able to print as many as they needed. The company has stated that a user’s information is not stored by the app so the address, credit card, or other identifying information will be nonexistent to a malicious cyber-attack.

I am indifferent to this app. I think it will be a much faster way to go about creating keys but on the downside this will hurt a lot of locksmiths. Also, if someone really wanted to break into somewhere they could simply buy a $15 lock picking set off of the Internet and pick the lock. So I do not believe there will be any increase in break-ins with this app. Keep an eye out early next year for kiosks near you and check out the app!

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