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Top Secret Colonials social media online!

As some of you may know, we have a student organization on campus called the Top Secret Colonials. We are a group of information security and cyber forensics students who share an interest in attending a two week academic seminar in Washington, DC. The TSC now have an operating Twitter and Facebook page and it would be appreciated if everyone could go check them out! These pages will be used to announce meeting times and places for our group, technology news, and anything else that may be of interest to our students. Below is some information that may be helpful.

The Washington Center – where the two week academic seminar is held in DC

TSC Twitter

TSC Facebook

The president of TSC is Meghan Riggle. If you have any questions about joining or what TSC is feel free to contact her at

In addition, our faculty leader is Dr. Karen Paullet. You can contact her with any questions as well at

KeyMe App Coming to Pittsburgh Next Year

A new app has recently been developed and it will be coming to the Pittsburgh area early next year. The KeyMe app is a new way for people to create copies of their keys. The process starts by downloading the app and then taking a picture of your key. The app then processes a digital model for printing. The user can then go to a kiosk at stores like Rite Aid, 7-Eleven and Bed Bath & Beyond, enter in their password, and print the new key. The process to print is estimated to take around 30 seconds so it is a very convenient process.

This app is a great idea to some but a disaster waiting to happen to others. The reasoning behind why some people find this app dangerous is because of the apparent security issue. Theoretically, someone would need just a picture of your key and then be able to print as many as they needed. The company has stated that a user’s information is not stored by the app so the address, credit card, or other identifying information will be nonexistent to a malicious cyber-attack.

I am indifferent to this app. I think it will be a much faster way to go about creating keys but on the downside this will hurt a lot of locksmiths. Also, if someone really wanted to break into somewhere they could simply buy a $15 lock picking set off of the Internet and pick the lock. So I do not believe there will be any increase in break-ins with this app. Keep an eye out early next year for kiosks near you and check out the app!

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Smith Micro Software is hiring!

If you are looking for an internship in the Pittsburgh area, there are a couple of new job postings on ColonialTrak that were posted recently. You must apply fast as they close on November 28th! There are three internship positions, all for Smith Micro Software, Inc., which start this summer. Smith Micro Software is a company that provides solutions to mobile platforms on a corporate level. From their website, “Smith Micro has developed unparalleled expertise in embedded software for networked devices, policy-based management platforms, and highly-scalable mobile applications and hosted services.” Their office is located in McCandless, PA which is just North of Pittsburgh. The internships that are offered are as follows:

Quality Engineering Intern (there are two of these positions available, Second Posting)

Intern goals:

  • Completing manual testing for on-time delivery to customer projects
  • Assisting in the automation effort of these projects to increase future efficiency of testing efforts

Projects interns will be working on:

  • CommSuite
  • AniMates
  • Avatar


  • Great work ethic
  • Strong command of written and spoken English
  • Proficient on a computer and MS Word
  • Proficient on an Android/iPhone device

Content Management Intern

Intern goals:

  • Learn how animated Avatars are created, reviewed and submitted for iOS and Android applications
  • Test and publish content for use in a mobile application for Android and iOS
  • Review content from artists and assist in finalizing of content for publication
  • Provide support and manage deliverables from artists
  • Draw and animate characters for use in a mobile application-Projects interns will be working on


  • Lives and breathes technology and internet, especially messaging applications that use stickers, Avatars and emoticons
  • Studying animation, new media or related field
  • At least a 3 three month commitment of at least 20 hours a week but preference given to those who can commit to a longer term
  • Interest in digital art, comics, and messaging applications a bonus


Per Smith Micro request: “Please email your resume to Rob Schaffer at”

Smith Micro Software, Inc.