Dr. Karen Paullet receives Faculty Distinguished Service Award for 2013-14

IMG_8701We are proud to announce that Dr. Karen Paullet, Assistant Professor of Computer and Information Systems, is the recipient of this year’s Faculty Distinguished Achievement Award for Service to RMU in 2013-14!

Dr. Paullet was recognized for her exceptional work in serving the University and our students in engaged learning.  In 2013-14, Dr. Paullet formed and served as advisor to the student organization Top Secret Colonials, one of the most visible and successful student groups to organize in many years at RMU.  She organized the Top Secret Colonials and other CIS students, for two years in a row, to participate in the Washington Center’s National Security academic seminar that focuses on cyber security.  She led fundraising activities, helped the students prepare resumes, coached their presentations, and prepared them for the top-level encounters with government officials that are part of the academic seminar.  Her efforts were instrumental in RMU’s being named the Washington Center’s Academic Seminar Institution of the Year in 2014.

In addition, Dr. Paullet served the University by her frequent presentations to government, corporate, and non-profit groups on cyber forensics and information security, and by her extensive recruiting efforts aimed at high school students.

Congratulations, Dr. Paullet!


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