Seeking CIS Department Blog Writers

The CIS department is currently seeking blog writers.  This volunteer position will earn you some notoriety (your name as part of the Blog Writing Staff on our About page) and SET credit in the Arts, Culture, and Creativity category.  You will be asked to edit and/or write a minimum of 5 blog articles per month.  Work can be done independently from your own computer.  You can be provided with material for blog posts and/or come up with your own original ideas, per your own preference.  You will also have opportunities to suggest improvements for the blog in both format and content areas.  Please contact Dr. Jamie Pinchot if you are interested in volunteering.

In addition, the CIS department is seeking one CIS Department Blog Writer/Assistant.  This will be a paid work-study position ($9/hour up to 5 hours per week) that will be available for the full academic year 2015-2016.  You must be eligible for Federal work-study to be approved for this grant-funded position.


  • Edit and/or write blog articles on topics assigned by the faculty editor in a timely manner
  • Work with members of the CIS department and RMU community to discover topics and issues for the blog and follow up on those topics in future blog posts
  • Monitor IT-related news outlets to discover topics and issues appropriate for the blog and follow up by writing blog posts
  • Manage and edit media related to blog posts (images, video)
  • Assist the faculty editor with management of the blog sidebar items/links and technical features in WordPress


  • Excellent writing and proofreading skills
  • Enthusiasm for IT-related topics
  • Ability to manage tasks and time effectively
  • Skills in writing for the Web, editing images, editing video, and/or WordPress is a plus.

To apply, please send your resume through Colonial Trak:

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