Internship at Highmark Health

Highmark Health are currently seeking undergraduate students who are on a Computer Science/Information Technology Career Path and who are searching for an internship opportunity to jump start their careers.

Interns will be exposed to a world class software tool that utilizes artificial intelligence technology in order to define people and companies and their relationship to Highmark, in addition to relational database concepts for both Oracle and Teradata databases and work extensively with Structured Query Language (SQL) within Pennsylvania’s largest Blue Cross and Blue Shield health insurer. Interns will also be exposed to Microsoft Visio, Teradata SQL Assistant, and other software tools used by the EDW business team.

Preferred Qualifications:
• Strong academic background in Computer Science / Information Technology
• College Junior or Senior preferred
• Minimum 3.50 GPA
• Must possess proven analytical and interpersonal skills
• Strong written, communication and presentation skills
• Proficient in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint)
• Knowledge of Agile Methodology
To apply go to:
Search Jobs
Click Highmark Health
type 80122 in Search Requisitions field
Online Application Address:

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