Mobile Forensics and Security Certificate

Robert Morris University’s Department of Computer and Information Systems is offering a new certification program: Mobile Forensics and Security. The program, which is offered both in-class and online, gives students hands-on experience with a variety of computer and mobile forensic tools. The program also teaches students about the legal procedures for computer and mobile forensic analysis. It also examines various techniques for preventing unauthorized attacks on mobile devices and computer networks.

The Mobile Forensics and Security Certificate has the following class requirements:

  • Intro to Decision Support Systems (INFS 1020)
  • Mobile Security Policy (INFS 3110)
  • Intro to Computer Forensics (INFS 3120)
  • Cyberlaw (INFS 3170)
  • Digital Evidence Analysis (INFS 3190)
  • Mobile Forensics (INFS 3191)
  • IT Security, Control/Assurance (INFS 3222)
  • Computer and Network Security (INFS 3235)
  • Network Forensics, Intrusion Detection, and Response (INFS 4180)

Most of these classes are already requirements for students majoring in Cyber Forensics and Information Security. However, this certificate is available for anyone who is willing to take these courses.

The following brochure has more information about the certificate: mobilecert

If you have any other questions, please contact Dr. Paullet at

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