Securing What You Don’t Own or Control – The Current State of WiFi-Security

On Thursday, February 9th, there will be a presentation entitled “Securing What You Don’t Own or Control – The Current State of WiFi-Security,” by Rick Farina. Farina will talk about how to protect data and systems from the expanding WiFi threat landscape. The presentation will take place from 4:30pm to 5:30pm in the Wheatley Atrium. This is a Top Secret Colonials sponsored event.

Rick Farina is a well-known wireless expert who has spoken at a variety of security conferences, including DEFCON (which is one of the world’s largest annual hacker conventions). Farina runs a Wireless Capture the Flag contest at several conventions throughout the country. Farina is the director of Research and Development at the company Pwnie Express. He is responsible for researching, developing, and marketing leading wireless and IoT (Internet of Things) security products. Farina’s expertise is in wireless security and wireless hacking.

Refreshments will be available at this event. Students will receive SET credit for attending. For more information about the event, contact Dr. Paullet at

For more information about Pwine Express and Rick Farina, click the links below:

Pwine Express Official Website

Rick Farina’s LinkedIn Profile

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