Linux Foundation Open Mainframe Project Summer Intern Program

“The Mission of the Open Mainframe Project is to create an open source, technical community that industry and community participants may easily participate in so that they may contribute to the creation of assets and materials that will benefit the development of Enterprise Grade characteristics of Linux.”

– Linux Foundation on the Open Mainframe Project

This is a rare opportunity – only 8 interns get this chance!  If selected, you would get to work with a mentor on your own custom project focusing on improvement of the High Availability, Disaster Recovery, Security, Reliability, Serviceability, Performance and/or Scalability of Linux.

Proposals should Include:

  • The project idea you would like to propose
  • Why you’d want to do this project
  • Your contact information
  • Your academic information/transcript/experience
  • 1 to 2 references

**Speak to Open Mainframe Project Mentors to get advice on applying.

Go to this link to apply.  Proposals are due February 15th, 2017.



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