How to Prepare for a New Semester

Spring semesters are always hard. After having a month off to celebrate the holidays, it can be difficult to get through the remaining 4 months until summer break (or, for some of you, graduation). Since we are on our second week of classes, I thought I would share some ways that I like to prepare for a new semester:

1. Use your planner!

My planner is my best friend. At the beginning of the semester, use your class syllabi to write down when every assignment and exam is due. I use this one. It includes monthly pages as well as weekly pages. I write assignments, meetings, and appointments in the monthly pages, then re-write the same stuff in the weekly pages with more details. Then I put a check-mark next to the things that I have completed.

2. Make a schedule, and stick to it.

Use your syllabi to create a weekly schedule. In the schedule, you should include your work schedule, class schedule, and study sessions to allow time for completing assignments and studying for exams. You should also include time for things like going to the gym, class/work meetings, and any other events or appointments that may come up.

3. Organize your workspace.

Being a college student doesn’t allow much time for cleaning. However, if you’re anything like me, it can be impossible to get work done in a cluttered space. Every week, I like to take about 15 minutes to organize my desk. It’s so much easier to do my homework when I can easily find the books and papers that I need.

4. Stay healthy. 

Try not to get stressed. It’s so important to make time for yourself. Plan days where you can go to the gym, cook dinner, or go out with friends. If possible, make at least an hour for yourself every day to do things that YOU want to do.

Good luck everyone. Just remember, a little bit of planning and preparation can go a long way.

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