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Work-Study Opportunity: WeBWorK System Administrator and Support

There is a current opening for a work-study position at RMU:  WeBWorK System Administrator and Support.  The position would require working with an Amazon Server running a mathematics software program which needs installed and maintained.  Installation requires some Perl scripting (there are some online tutorials to help).  Linux, Apache, Perl, and shell scripting experience would be a plus.

The position is posted on ColonialTRAK, job ID #31850 and the pay is among the highest for workstudy on campus with flexible hours and expectation of working independently.

Job Description/Duties:  
This NSF-grant-funded position will assist with the RMU WeBWorK site.  WeBWorK is an open source on-line homework system for math classes that provides immediate feedback to student users.  This position will be responsible for updating and maintaining the WeBWorK site on the Amazon Web Server for RMU. The job will require assisting faculty in developing and setting up WeBWorK courses content, alpha-testing new WeBWorK course content, and other related duties.