Campus Mainframe Associate Program with BNY Mellon

Job Descriptions:

The CMA Program is BNY Mellon’s effort to replenish our Mainframe talent by collaborating with targeted schools and providing a robust training program for our associates. The jobholder receives both specific, on-the-job training and classroom/e-learning plus professional exposure and mentoring from industry experts. The program is designed to build upon our associates’ academic background with real life work experiences to make an impact in a technical area of extreme importance to the financial industry.


What Are We Looking For?

To be considered, candidates must possess a Bachelor’s degree or relevant certification in a systems or mainframe-based curriculum from a school nationally recognized for its curriculum strength, with the demonstration of academic outperformance. Relevant industry or internship experience demonstrating leadership and significant technical accomplishments is essential. Excellent analytical and problem solving skills are necessary, as is the ability to multi-task, communicate effectively, and work independently. S/he must also have strong oral and written communication skills.

The ideal candidate will possess a strong understanding of some or all of the following technical skill sets:
• General understanding of basic Mainframe function – storage, processing, etc.
• COBOL – batch & CICS
• Oracle
• DB2
• MQSeries
• UNIX/Linux

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