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Cyber Forensics and Information Security Student, Class of 2018

IT Services Intern for Grant Street Group

Job Description:

As an IT Services intern, you’ll have the opportunity to problem solve user level desktop and network support issues with our team of full-time IT professionals. One minute you’ll be troubleshooting a new technology tool and the next minute you’ll be climbing a ladder and under a desk to get our equipment where it needs to be. You’ll be a friendly face in the office to help work on the support queue, and you’ll take on several projects to improve upon your professional skills and make a lasting impact at Grant Street Group.


You will gain experience in a variety of areas, such as:

Assisting users with desktop support issues for both Macs and PCs.
Researching solutions on software help desk tickets.
Troubleshooting and testing changes to network configurations.
Assisting a group of IT support professionals on project tasks.
Assisting in mobile device support for Apple and Android operating systems.
If this sounds like you, we’re excited for you to apply using the link below and begin your career with us.

Campus Mainframe Associate Program with BNY Mellon

Job Descriptions:

The CMA Program is BNY Mellon’s effort to replenish our Mainframe talent by collaborating with targeted schools and providing a robust training program for our associates. The jobholder receives both specific, on-the-job training and classroom/e-learning plus professional exposure and mentoring from industry experts. The program is designed to build upon our associates’ academic background with real life work experiences to make an impact in a technical area of extreme importance to the financial industry.


What Are We Looking For?

To be considered, candidates must possess a Bachelor’s degree or relevant certification in a systems or mainframe-based curriculum from a school nationally recognized for its curriculum strength, with the demonstration of academic outperformance. Relevant industry or internship experience demonstrating leadership and significant technical accomplishments is essential. Excellent analytical and problem solving skills are necessary, as is the ability to multi-task, communicate effectively, and work independently. S/he must also have strong oral and written communication skills.

The ideal candidate will possess a strong understanding of some or all of the following technical skill sets:
• General understanding of basic Mainframe function – storage, processing, etc.
• COBOL – batch & CICS
• Oracle
• DB2
• MQSeries
• UNIX/Linux

Pictures Causing Your Identity To Be Stolen

A recent thing in news, is how taking pictures with either your hands up or having the peace sign up and your finger prints facing the camera can be a dangerous thing if you post them. Most people are out having fun with their friends and are taking a fun, simple photos but with the way the world is now you have to think twice before taking the picture or posting it.

If the lighting and focus is just right then the they hackers can easily recreate your finger prints as long as it 10 feet from the person. It is hard to believe that we have reached the point where we have to be worried about our finger prints being taken from a photo that is being posted. But as time keeps going on, we need to be aware of these things and we need to be aware that these problems do exist and we all need to second guess before taking and posting pictures.


Tips to Get Through Finals Week

As we get through the last day of classes; there is only two things that are on our minds. Finals and summer, but before we can think of summer there’s the finals to tackle. While finals cause some major stress and overwhelm us, here are some tips to do while we enter into this week:

  1. Study, study study!
  2. Create a study schedule.
  3. Priority your study time.
  4. Color code your notes.
  5. Take study breaks, go for a walk, play volleyball, etc,.
  6. Make sure you get plenty of water and food in your body.
  7. Get plenty of sleep; lack of sleep can cause you to not do well.
  8. RELAX!Remember that no one is perfect but if you truly give it all you’ve got and study hard, finals week seems a little less stressful whenever you follow these tips. Good luck everyone and have a great summer! Congratulations to all the seniors who are graduating this year!

Risk Assessment for TEKsystems

Top Three Skills:
1) Conduct Information Risk Assessments as assigned to the team. Request and analyze documentation necessary to perform appropriate assessment and conduct necessary interviews in order to collect and review relevant materials necessary to produce results of the assessment.
2) Clearly and concisely document and communicate risk assessment results with requestor, security architects and management, as appropriate. (Be able to be that liason between the business and technical people).
3) Conduct and formulate appropriate risk scoring, as it relates to threat, vulnerability, likelihood, impact, security controls/counter-measures, etc. (Rank risk/inherent risk score).

Looking for an individual to come in with an information security background to look at documentation, review findings, and write risk assessments. This person will act as the liason between technical people and the business as they analyze data and rank risk based on their findings. Preferred knowledge of the HITRUST framework is encouraged, not required.

1) Ability to communicate with technical and non-technical people.
Apply to Brian Jendesky at

Summer IT Intern for Consol Energy Inc.

Position Summary:
Interns at CONSOL Energy take ownership of meaningful projects that deliver significant results for both the employee and the company. They have the opportunity to gain vast amounts of experience and directly impact the company by designing and implementing projects. During the summer term, interns will be assigned a mentor, be part of our interdisciplinary teams, and have access to state-of-the-art
technology through top end hardware and software.

Examples of Summer Projects may include:
– Exposure to environmental data (quality control & management).
– Organize and coordinate the improvement of the pre/post drill data system.

The project that the candidate will be working on is combining databases for the Environmental department utilizing a vendor provided software package. The database is used for tracking safety incidents, maintaining audit reports, user queries and other functions.

– Education Level: working toward a BS or MS degree
– Major: All STEM related majors (Ex. Chemical, Environmental, Safety, etc.)
– Students must maintain at least a 3.0 overall GPA.
– Have authorization to work for any employer in the U.S. on a full-time, indefinite basis without need for sponsorship now or in the future.
This is a paid internship for those that are interested in applying, please forward your resume to Jamie Pierce at

Cats Being Used in the IT Field

In this year’s Def Con convention this year showcase had a different twist on IT work. One that merged animals and IT working together. It sounds like a crazy combination and a highly unlikely one that would work well but it did. Gene Bransfield used his friend’s cat, he put on the cat’s color a kit that had Spark Core Wi-Fi development board and had Internet connectivity where ever the cat ended up going.

Now this may sound stupid because cats are going to wander around and do whatever they want to do. But the purpose of the experiment was to see how many people had unsecured, or weak Wi-Fi in their homes. In simple terms who could easily access their Internet just from being on their street.

When the cat was sent out, there was 23 Wi-Fi hotspots found and what they found was more interesting. Four of the networks had been completely open with no security what so ever and four using WEP rather than the WPA-2 standard. The purpose of this was to show that people need to be more aware of the fact that when it comes to Internet you have to have the right safety and protective measures when using the Internet. You never know when a cat or dog with a pack on them will be lurking around to see if you have secure Internet.