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Cyber Forensics and Information Security Student, Class of 2018

IT Programmer/Analyst at Hussey Copper

Hussey Copper is looking for an IT Programmer/Analyst this summer to work closely with a senior level developer supporting our ERP business system (ROSS – GEMBASE/DML coding language, SQL Database, and Crystal Reporting). Become familiar with their standard methodologies, processes, policies, and assist with development.

• Confirm project requirements by reviewing the program objective, inputs, and output requirements with mentor.
• Define specifications that meet the desired requirements.
• Develop and implement functionality per the specifications.
• 25-30 hours per week schedule between 8am – 5pm.
• Internship Supervisor – IT Operations Manager (Brian McNamara)

• General programming skills
• Ability to analyze information for problem solving
• Software development and testing fundamentals
• Strong oral and written communication skills
• Personal commitment to working within a team environment

Apply through ColonialTRAK or to Jim Bish at


Internship Opportunity – Spanish fluency National Cyber-Forensics & Training Alliance (NCFTA)

The National Cyber-Forensics & Training Alliance (NCFTA) are looking for a candidate who is fluent in the Spanish language. As an intern, you will work with a senior analyst on specific research and data collection using various tools and applications as well as proactive research in open sources. You will also engage in collaboration with NCFTA partners and peers and be expected to participate in program meetings.

Required Qualifications 
• Must be legally authorized to work in the United States and be eligible for a U.S. Government security clearance
• Major studies in areas of consideration: International Affairs/Politics/Relations; Intelligence/Security Studies; Computer Science; Information Security; Business Intelligence or related fields. Other majors are considered on a case by case basis.
• SPANISH FLUENCY REQUIRED – Excellent Verbal and Writing Communication Skills in the Spanish Language
• Minimum GPA of 3.0

To apply for this internship, please click on the link below.

New Products Inviting Hackers to Get More of Your Information

In the beginning of February, the Top Secret Colonial officers hacked into a Furby Connect. Furby Connect is a children’s toy that is now on sale. These new Furbies have a new feature that has Bluetooth connection. While it seems like a cool new product it is product along with many other children’s toys and new appliances that are putting your personal life into danger.

Most people do not realize that having that having all these products hooked up to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection is giving anyone access basically into your home. While these new children’s toys may be convenient and easy to keep your child entertained. They keep all this information stored every time it is being used. Hackers can end up getting your mailing address, e-mail, internet history, your birthday and even the child’s birth date, video recordings and pictures of the child or anything else. It is kind of like giving your child a camera that is on record the whole time and tracks everything you do. It is just like your cell phones, they recommend wiping your whole phone once you are done with it. It is definitely something to think about while you are connecting any devices up to unsecured networks.