Passwords ARE Important

I know it really is a pain to have so many passwords.  “No one can figure out my password; it’s no big deal.”

Have you ever bought a router, XBox, or Play Station and thought, “I don’t need to change the default password.” Well, after reading this you may think otherwise. How private is private anymore?

How about a few scenarios…..

1. You just bought a baby monitor camera for your sister who just had a baby.

2. Your mom is a widow and has had someone break into her shed lately so you get her a surveillance camera for her property.

In both scenarios the cameras were installed and are up and functioning properly. Wait, did they remember to change the default password? You might want to check! It is very important to change default passwords!

Video surveillance and webcam cameras are reportedly being streamed online without the knowledge of the camera owners. This type of exploitation is not only scary, but an invasion. These security feeds are being accessed because the owners did not change the default passwords.

There are reports of videos that show babies sleeping in cribs, children playing inside day cares, people in malls, live views into couple’s bedrooms, inside looks of small businesses, school buses from Pittsburgh and even looks within industrial plants. These compromised video feeds are from around the world, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen right here. Some feeds are reported to be from private homes right in Beaver County.  Check out this article for more information:

Please pass the word – default passwords must be changed for security! If you don’t, you may become an Internet star without even knowing.

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