Top Secret Colonials

Would you like to help out the newest organization on campus?  Or do you know of a company or someone who would like to assist students in learning more about National Security?

Here is a chance to do just that!! The Top Secret Colonials have a GoFundMe account.

If you are not familiar with the Top Secret Colonials……They are non-profit group of RMU students that participate in the National Security Conference at the Washington Center in Washington, D.C. This will be the third year that RMU students have participated in this specific conference that is held each year in May.

What is special about these students you may ask?  These are your fellow classmates who have an interest in becoming the future computer professionals that help assist our nation in securing our cyber world.  They participate in a two-week conference where they will learn from national security experts.  Cyber security is such a vital part of everyone’s daily life.  Each year lives and money are lost to some form of hacking through the Internet, cell phones and other cyber technology.   This is such a unique experience that will allow these students to become the best of the best in securing and protecting this nation’s cyber world from foreign and domestic entities – the entities that are constantly looking for ways to take advantage of our citizens and our future economic growth by committing a variety of cyber crimes.  For example, Internet fraud, e-Scams, network intrusions, identity theft, cyber bullying and many others.  People in this country continue to lose their lives and their hard earned money.

Won’t you please help assist our future professionals?

These students are our future to creating security software and being instrumental in creating the laws and policies to protect us all.  Top Secret Colonials Mission Statement:  “Promote Education in Cyber Security While Raising Awareness to Those Utilizing Cyber Technology”

Any donation amount would be appreciated!  Whether you are able to assist monetarily or not, please help by sharing our link with all of your family, friends, co-workers, business owners or anyone that wants to assist us and learn more about the Top Secret Colonials and their mission.

For information on other fundraising initiatives of the Top Secret Colonials, please contact Dr. Karen Paullet or follow the group on Facebook: